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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
Volunteer Opportunities
    Coffee Crew
  • We are now serving coffee in the atrium after service and much like our greeters and ushers, we are looking for a group of people to help share this brew of enjoyment on a rotation basis.

    The time commitment will depended on the amount of volunteers we get.  We hope to have around 12 volunteers to rotate through on Sundays.
    We could also look at having a set up and take down crew.
    It takes about  45 minutes to brew and set up and about 15 minutes to clean up.
    If you've had dreams of being a barista, here is your chance! If that is not part of your ambitions but you do like to help, please sign up today!

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  • Greeting visitors is an important part of the ministry and hospitality of the church.  Volunteer Church greeters are part of the ministry team, and form the first impression a visitor receives. As a greeter, you are more than a handshake! You welcome them, direct them, and get them where they need to go.  This is an opportunity to express Gods love through Christ and help set the tone of the upcoming worship service.
    The responsibilities of being a greeter includes arriving 20 minutes before the worship service is scheduled to start, wearing a name tag, and saying hello and offering a handshake to everyone that is walking into the church.  It's really simple and easy - and very rewarding! 

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    Nursery During Sunday Bible Study
  • Volunteers must be a member of Cross of Christ and will be responsible for providing care to children ages birth - age 3 while their parents/guardians attend Bible Class. The nursery is located in Room 121.

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    Sanctuary Cleaning
  • Ever wonder how our sanctuary stays so clean?  While we do have a cleaning service to clean our building, the sanctuary is left up to the members.  Out of love, we have several people that volunteer their time to keep this area of worship in  a God-pleasing manner.  Obviously, the more people we have, the less time is required of each.  So..... if you would like to be added to our team, we would WELCOME you aboard.  It involves mostly vacuuming, dusting and glass cleaning.  Your team will clean no more than 4 times a year and should not take more than 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  The list will be put together the end of August to prepare for the new school year.  If this is something that interests you, please contact LuAnn Obraske at lobraske@aol.com or 612-280-8714.

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    Sunday School
  • If you enjoy children and have a love for sharing God’s Word in a meaningful way, this is a great opportunity to serve. We need Sunday School class teachers and helpers. Even if you have no previous experience, the materials are clear to understand and are already laid out with very easy-to-follow thought progressions to guide through a Bible Story.
    Our curriculum is called Cross Explorations. It is a TEAM-led ministry for the children in our community and church. Teachers and helpers share the work, so you can have a flexible schedule and do not need to be present every Sunday. Last year this approach worked very well for staff and students, so we are excited to continue with it this year.
    Sunday School serves children from Pre-K to Grade 8. We need the following to round out our staff:
    2 Pre-K teachers
    2 Grades 1-2 teachers
    2 Grades 3-5 teachers
    Helpers for the lower grades rooms
    Please contact Amy Woodington (Sunday School Coordinator) with any questions or to volunteer. We’d love to have you join our staff to serve in any way. Thank you!
    Text or call Amy at 763-486-0990
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More Coming Soon!!!