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Sunday School
Sunday School for children is conducted during the school year, starting at 9:15 am.
Classes are held for Preschool through Grade 8.
All the children of Cross of Christ are encouraged to attend.
Guests and visiting children are always welcome!
Every child is a gift of God. However, with the gift comes the responsibility of training the child in the ways of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Parents have the primary responsibility for this training. The Cross of Christ Sunday school objective is to assist parents in meeting this responsibility. Children are indeed precious, and nothing is more important than helping them learn the love of their Savior, Jesus Christ.
The Cross of Christ Sunday school program includes weekly Bible lessons and memory work, singing during special church worship services, and a children’s Christmas service. The remainder of this handbook describes in detail the program and the role of parents in the Sunday school program.
Cross of Christ Sunday school is open to all children of the congregation age four through grade eight. In order to begin lessons at the start of the first quarter, four-year-old children should start coming to Sunday school the September following their fourth birthday.  The grade level of a child in Sunday school usually corresponds to their grade level in elementary and middle school. Exceptions would have to be arranged by consulting with the Sunday school staff and would be based on factors such as early entry into Kindergarten, skipping or repeating grades in elementary or middle school, or special needs of the child.
Cross of Christ Sunday school collects offerings from all the children. The Sunday school staff believes this will promote good Christian stewardship habits among our children—habits, which, we pray, will be with them for a lifetime.
Offerings are collected every Sunday from the children. They are encouraged to give faithfully in order to develop the habit of giving regular gifts back to the Lord in response to His redeeming love.
Parents and the Sunday School
Parents have the primary responsibility for the Christian training of their children. Cross of Christ Sunday school was established to assist them in meeting that responsibility. This is a team effort, and parents can help by:
  • Bringing their children to Sunday school every week and by bringing their children to other Sunday school activities. Please bring your children so they are at class on time. Also remember to supervise your own children until the teacher arrives. We would also ask that you pick up your child promptly.
  • Helping their children learn their weekly lesson, memory work, hymn verse, or any          other special lessons they may have.
  • Making sure their children make up any lessons and memory work when they are absent.
  • Supporting the teachers by showing genuine interest in their children’s progress.
  • Regularly attending Bible class and church worship services. This demonstrates how important it is to grow in God’s Word, whether you are a child or an adult.
  • Above all, praying for the growth of the children in learning the truths of God’s Word. It is the prayer of every Christian parent for the child to know that Jesus lived, died and rose again to atone for the sins of all people so we may have everlasting life with Him in heaven.
If there are ever any questions about the Sunday school program, parents are urged to talk to their child’s teacher, our Sunday school coordinator, discipleship director or one of the pastors.
The Christian faith is based on the sure foundation of God’s Word. Learning this Word and what it tells us about our Savior is at the heart of the Sunday school lesson material. To aid the children in their Bible study, a paperback Bible will be provided to those children who don’t have their own. This Bible will be used during the Sunday school years with the hope they will continue to use God’s Word regularly throughout their lives.
The Weekly Lessons 
Each week the children will learn a different Bible story lesson. The teacher will share the lesson in the class and will assign exercises either to be done in class or at home. If your children are absent, please have them make up the lesson and exercises they have missed.
Memory Work
Memory work is important because it stores God’s Word in our heart, where it will be with us throughout our earthly lives. With this foundation, we will be able to face life’s crises with the strength and comfort God’s Word offers.
The memory work assignments include verses from the Bible, portions of the six chief parts of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, prayers and hymns. The assignments are planned, so that, by the time the children finish the sixth grade, they will have learned much of the confirmation program. It is important that the parents help their children learn their memory work each week, including the weeks they are absent. Please take the time to review the lesson and learn the memory work with your child each week.
Singing during Church Worship Services
An important part of the Sunday school program is singing during church worship services. This gives the children the opportunity to glorify their Savior by singing His praises. Parents can assist in this portion of the Sunday school program by helping their children learn the songs and by bringing their children to the worship service. Encourage them positively to sing their praises to Jesus. When your children sing during a worship service, please supervise them personally until the Sunday school teacher arrives to seat the children. If you are waiting for your child to be dismissed after singing, please wait in the narthex quietly.
Parents are encouraged to help their children in making up lessons they may miss when they are absent. This aids the children in understanding the continuity of the lessons and the Bible truths that are being taught. If your children attend another WELS or ELS Sunday school when you are out of town, please inform your children’s teachers so their attendance can be recorded.
If a child becomes disruptive in class, the Sunday school teacher will offer three warnings to the child. The first warning will be verbal. For the second warning, the child will be asked to move to a different desk or place at the table. For the third warning, the child will be seated alone in the back of the room until the class is over. The teacher will then notify the parents of the disruptive behavior, as well as the Sunday school coordinator.
Bible Class
Children learn a great deal from the actions of adults. While your children are attending Sunday school, you have the opportunity to demonstrate to them your personal commitment to the continued study of God’s Word by attending our adult Bible class, which is held every Sunday from 9:30 until 10:15am. The topics are designed to assist both novice and expert Bible students in your study of Holy Scripture. It offers resources that will enable you to grow in your understanding of God’s Word while strengthening your faith in Christ. PLEASE JOIN US!

Church Attendance
Sunday school is NOT church. Therefore, children are encouraged to worship the Lord regularly and faithfully by attending worship services. You may choose between our two worship services on Sunday morning, at 8:00 and 10:30am. Special Wednesday night services are also conducted during the Advent and Lenten seasons of the church year.

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