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Growth Groups
    Who may participate in the Cross of Christ Growth Groups?
  • All are welcome. Growth Groups are intended for all adult members of CoC to get connected to fellow Christians. We want to especially encourage new members of CoC to participate in Growth Groups to help better connect here. While we want everyone to benefit from this, people will participate only on a volunteer basis.
    What happens at a Growth Group meeting?
  • The members of the group discuss the previous week’s sermon for 45-60 minutes using interactive discussion questions written by one of CoC’s pastors. Each week the group downloads the student worksheet from the Growth Groups page and spends 15-20 minutes before class working on the 6 discussion questions.

    They also spend time socializing and getting to know each other over snacks and refreshments in local member homes. The comfortable setting fosters building friendships.
    How big will the groups be?
  • Growth Groups will generally be from 7–12 people, depending on how many couples or singles are in the group.
    What about children?
  • The Leaders of each group will decide if they have the space to bring children along to the meetings or if parents need to make their own arrangements for child care. Participants could chip in for the child care. Please check each Group’s description.
    How long and how often will the groups meet?
  • To begin, the Growth Groups will meet every week for a 4 week session. We are planning two sessions: September through October, and then one in early spring or after Easter. The meetings will last about 1-1 ½ hours.
    Who will lead the groups?
  • Each group will have two people who have demonstrated spiritual maturity and have expressed willingness to serve as Leaders. Training for coordinators will be given by Pastor Pederson. Since the class material will be written by the CoC pastors, the Leaders’ role will simply be to keep the discussion going in a welcoming way.
    Where will the groups meet?
  • The Groups will meet in the Leaders’ homes or the home of a member of the Group. Each group will meet on the day and time set by the leader. 
    What can I do?
  • It would be great for members of the group to take turns providing simple snacks and refreshments for each session. With only 4 sessions and 6-7 couples/individuals, 3-4 people could bring something for the evening. Please let your Group Leader know if you could organize that for your Group, which would be very helpful.
    Can I switch groups?
  • Absolutely! At the end of each semester, members are free to join a different group or, even better, to host or lead one themselves!

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